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One to One Support Service


Our Tag line, at Jigsaw Enterprise Training, is to Remove Barriers, Unlock Potential and Open Doors to brighter futures for all our members.    Our one-to-one Support Service is just one of the ways we achieve this.

Removing Barriers

Our one-to-One Support Service Removes Barriers by creating a space where members feel safe, secure, and listened to.  Because the Support is given One to one and confidential members say they are able to talk more openly about their challenges and acknowledge their achievements, without the worry of being judged by others.  The service is responsive to member needs and is delivered at a time and place where members feel comfortable.

Unlocking  potential

We believe that a member’s potential cannot be unlocked fully until we have first addressed the basic building blocks of increasing Confidence and Self believe, which is why we spend a lot of time in our One-to-One sessions focusing on this.   It is our belief that by investing the time needed in these building blocks members will find their own solutions to their challenges and believe that positive and long-lasting change is possible.

Opening Doors

Once our Members have accessed our one-to-One sessions, it is hoped that they will have reached a point, where they do not feel they need any more support from Jigsaw Enterprise Training, and able to go on and be confident and balanced individuals they are.  If members do not feel ready to leave our services altogether, they may wish to progress on to one of our GROUP sessions.


Confidentiality Document.

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