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The Journey of Jigsaw Enterprise Training

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Statement of Values.

Gemma’s Story - The founder of Jigsaw Enterprise Training

I was born prematurely at 28 weeks and had a lack of oxygen to my brain at some point on my journey of life, which resulted in me having Cerebral Palsy from Birth, which mainly affects my mobility.

Now as an adult I would say that Cerebral Palsy has not been all bad, and I don’t let it define me as a person, it is just part of who I am.

Growing up I did not always feel so confident about my disability, and confident in my own skin, and at times hated school and college because I was bullied and I felt I did not fit in.  My education was a lonely and isolating experience where making and keep friends, was a challenge and I really struggled to accept my disability and see it as the positive that it now is. 

It was only the unconditional support of my family, a few close friends, my love of learning, and the support of a handful of teachers that got me through my school and college experiences.


It took building Jigsaw Enterprise Training and discovering Hypnotherapy for me to recognise my disability for the positive I now know it to be.

I wanted to set up a business that gave people a more positive experience to what I experienced throughout my life, and wanted people to feel like a family , where they felt safe to be themselves, and be given the self believe that they were able to achieve anything, so Jigsaw Enterprise Training was born.

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