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At Jigsaw Enterprise Training, our ethos is that everyone is unique and should be given the opportunity to learn and develop skills that will increase their independence.

Our approach is Fun, hands on, includes everyone and is responsive to everyone’s individual needs.

To make sure we are able to live by our vision, we a profit for purpose organisation where our aim is to make enough profit so that we can be sustainable and invest money back into the journeys of success for the people who need our services.

stress buster.

Meet Gemma Blagbrough.

Hello, I'm Gemma Blagbrough, Founder and  Creator of Jigsaw. Enterprise Training.

Read more about me and how I can help you in our about page.

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Our Services.

Here is a small list of our service.


Holistic Therapies

Contact us today to see how our Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or Hand Reflexology can change your life for the better.


Social Groups & 1-1 Social Support

We run Monthly Social Groups and offer one to one Social Support to our members when needed.   Please contact us for details of costs or to find out more.


At Jigsaw Enterprise Training we specialise in Care Act, Article 12, and non-instructed Advocacy, and we can also help with  Personal Independence and ESA claims Feel free to .CONTACT US to see how we can help you or for  more information.


Training for organisations

To Support our profit for Purpose ethos we design and deliver Training  for  Community Groups , Companies and  schools.  Feel free to contact us, and we will send our up to  courses info.


One to One Support

We offer one to one theraputic support when required, using a range of techniques to help you to use your indvidual choice to make  positive changes to your life.


Funded Courses

Currently we have three courses that require funding to enable them to run.  These are our SkILLBUILDER , CREATIVE WELLBEING AND STEPPING STONES  Courses.  Please contact us for more info or if you have any ideas for Fund - Rasing.

Practice Areas
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