What We Do

What We Do

Our Vision

Jigsaw Enterprise Training believes everyone has the same choices and chances to learn, no matter who they are.


Our Mission

Jigsaw Enterprise Training provides training and support to people with a disability, or health condition, to help them be independent and live the life they want.


Our Values

  • All clients have the right to participate in a learning experience which engages and excites them.
  • All clients are of equal value and worth, and have the right to actively participate in all services delivered by Jigsaw Enterprise Training.
  • All clients have the right to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • By listening to each other and placing equal value on everyone’s opinions, we learn from them and make better decisions as a result.
  • We will custom-make our service to meet individual client’s needs.
  • We will promote an inclusive environment.

    Removing Barriers – Unlocking Potential – Opening Doors