LEAP Programme

Image representing LEAP - Learning : Engagement : Achievement : Progression

LEAP Programme

What is it?

LEAP (Learning : Engagement : Achievement : Progression) specifically works with students with a learning or physical disability and/or a long-term health condition in the Kirklees area. LEAP increases students’ confidence, so that they reach their goals and full potential, and have a clear plan for their future by offering personalised support during transition periods. By taking part in our workshops, students feel more positive about themselves as individuals, and are motivated to take control of their futures.


Workshops offered in the LEAP programme include:

  • Positive Image and Identity – recognising your disability as an asset rather than a barrier
  • Confidence Building and Goal Setting
  • Managing Challenges in an Assertive way
  • Person-Centred Support Planning and Personalisation
  • Transition for Students
  • Transition for Parents and Carers
  • Workshops generally last an hour, but can be adapted to fit with your school’s timetable.
    We can deliver workshops as stand alone learning sessions or the whole programme can be delivered over a series of sessions.


    Each workshop costs £20 per person per session or £150 to train up to 10 participants (excluding support staff). The cost includes learning materials.
    To discuss your individual requirements, please contact us for further information.