Tolerance : Ability not inability in the 21st-Century

Fast Forward to Tolerance: Ability not Inability in the 21st-Century

In a land far far away, in a cold and dusty loft, the Tolerance videos, lay abandoned and unused, for 14 long years, read on to find out what happened next …

Gemma Blagbrough AKA the cinema manager, is now the founder of Jigsaw Enterprise Training, and I am a published writer of short stories.

We had such good memories of our time on the Tolerance Project, and felt it was such a shame that the group’s original vision had not been realised, that we came up with a new project that could give the Tolerance film a new lease of life. Tolerance 2012: Ability not Inability was born.

Building on the success and legacy of the Paralympics 2012, we have relaunched the project 21st-century style, because we feel the experience and ethos that we wanted to share, all those years ago, is just as important today, as it was then. Although we acknowledge that there have been some improvements, sadly there is a long way to go. There are still many lessons to be learnt and shared to see disability in a positive light, raise people’s awareness, and improve on people’s varying degrees of “Tolerance” towards disabled people.

Completing the film, was an achievement in itself, and gave us experiences and created friendships that would last a lifetime, but the film never really got the launch it deserved. After 13 years we felt that had to change.

So what does Tolerance: Ability not Inability in the 21st-Century look like? The main focus of the project will be an interactive website, which will incorporate clips from the original film, with learning activities and opportunities for discussion. The website will be themed around the five key themes of the original film, which were Employment, Social life, Transport, Accessibility, and Relationships.

The project will create an interactive E-Learning Resource, accompanied by a teachers guide, and training delivered by Gemma and Ben. The target audience for the website, will be schools, colleges and community groups. We are currently working on a pilot project with four schools from across Kirklees, who will give us feedback and ideas for improvement, before the resource is developed.

The film would also have its own dedicated website with Facebook, Twitter and You Tube links, so watch this space or should that be blog?

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